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RS-S35 En71 Toys Dynamic Strength Testing Equipment

RS-S35 En71 Toys Dynamic Strength Testing Equipment
Product Code: RS-S35

Toy dynamic strength (2m/s) tester, to determine whether a toy after dynamic strength test produces hazardous sharp edges, hazardous sharp points, hazard of crushing the fingers or other parts of the body A load 25 or 50kg is secured to the toy, and articulated arms with the elbow joints in a downward position are attached to the steering wheel or handlebars if the toy is so equipped. The toy is driven three times into a 50 x 50mm non-resilient step.
Standards: EN 71, GB 6675 and ISO 8124
Sample:  children tricycle
Sample quantity:  1pc/time
Test speed:  2 ±0.2 m/s
Loads:  25 ±0.5 kg, 50± 0.5kg
Non-resilient-step:  50 x 50mm
Width of test channel:  90cm
Control box:  36x32x100cm
Power/air source range:  220/110V, 50/60Hz, 3A
Dimensions(WxDxH): 1530*4800*1560mm
Weight:  800kg(1764lbs)