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RS-Y01 Yarn Twist Tester Machine

RS-Y01  Yarn Twist Tester Machine
RS-Y01  Yarn Twist Tester Machine
Product Code: RS-Y01

For the determination of all kinds of yarn twist and twist irregularity.
Instrument features:
1)is controlled by microcomputer, LED digital display test value.
2)"Zero" bit detection optocoupler sensor to avoid generated by the Hall sensor, reverse "zero" bit inaccurate.
3)Swinging piece combination of high-precision rolling bearing member is rotated sensitive and reliable, can effectively prevent the swinging piece insensitive to impact on the test results.
4) high-performance stepper motor direct drive to move the gripper, the speed can be any number set, long life, complete elimination of the DC Motor brush wear and spark interference affect the normal use of the instrument.
Applicable standards: FZ/T10001; GB/T14345; ISO2061; BS2085; ASTM D1422/1423; JISL1095
The main technical indicators
1)Test method: direct counting method; time untwisting twisting method
2) Test Length: 0 ~ 500mm
3)Measuring range: 1 ~ 9999.9 twist LED display
4)Test speed: 300 to 1500r/min digital set
5)Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10% Power: 20W
6)Dimensions: 970 × 150 × 310mm (L × W × H)