1) Temperature range: -20 ℃、-40 ℃、-70 ℃~+100 ℃(150 ℃)
2) Humidity: 20 ~ 98%
3) Uniformity of temperature distribution: ± 0.7 ℃
4) Uniformity of humidity distribution: ± 3%
5) Test chamber dimension: 400*500*400mm (specified by customer)
6) Material of the test chamber: A mirror plate light of stainless steel
7) Material of the exterior : Stainless steel matte line treatment
8) Refrigeration system: single-stage water cooled hermetic sealed compressor
9) Protector: no fuse breaker(NFB), compressor overload protection, high-pressure refrigerant
10) Protection switch: overtemperature protection switch, ceramic fuse, water shortage protection switch, electromagnetism protection switch, error alarm system, alarm buzzer.

Complies to standards:
 GB2423.1 test A low temperature test methods
 GB2423.2 test B high temperature test methods
 GB2423. 3 test Ca steady temperature and humidity test methods
 GB2423. 4Db alternate humidity test method
 GJBl50.3 high-temperature test
 GJBl50.4 low-temperature test
 GJBl50.9 damp heat test

RS-EB02 Temperature and Humidity Chamber

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