This machine is widely used in all kinds of metal, plastics, footwear, leather, clothing, textile, insulators, wire and cable, terminals and other types of materials, testing the tensile, tear, peel, compression, bending, shear, a bit of the flexural property test performance.

Technical parameters:

1,The Capacity: 0 - 50KG (need to use push pull )

2,The unit switch: Kg, Lb, N

3 load decomposition:1/1000

4 loading precision: + 1%

5 stroke: 200mm

6 force measuring display precision: 0.001Kg

7,The clamp: according to customer production stripping clamp sleeve

8,The test speed: 50 --200mm/min adjustable

9 power: AC220V 50HZ

RS-003 Electric Horizontal Test Stand

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