The machine is used to test Seat surface at a certain weight, speed, and the required number of repeated shocks, the various parts of the deformation, loose parts and welding extent of the damage. The office chair fixed tripods, specify the weight of a sandbag, set the time and frequency reciprocating impact seat surface, travel, direction, speed, time and frequency can be adjusted settings.

Technical parameters:
Seat height         350-600 mm specified or
Sandbag weight 125 pounds or 300 pounds
Shock stroke      1-6in
Impact features  a single shock or continuous impact
Counter              LCD, 0 ~ 999,999 times
Volume              660 × 1360 × 1400mm
Weight              approx 230 kg
Power               1 ∮, AC 220V, 3A

RS-F08 Office Chair Seat Impact Testing Machine

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