Environmental Chamber

RS-EB01  Salt Spray Tester

RS-EB01 Salt Spray Tester

  The Salt Spray Chamber are specialized to test the performance of the products for its su..

RS-EB02  Temperature and Humidity Chamber

RS-EB02 Temperature and Humidity Chamber

Parameters: 1) Temperature range: -20 ℃、-40 ℃、-70 ℃~+100 ℃(150 ℃) 2) Humidity: 20 ~ 98% 3) Uni..

RS-EB03  Anti-yellowing test chamber

RS-EB03 Anti-yellowing test chamber

This machine is mainly determined white, light material in the sunlight yellowing resistance level t..

RS-EB04  Rain Chamber

RS-EB04 Rain Chamber

Rain chamber for testing automotive lighting, wiper performance, waterproof strips, locomotive instr..

RS-EB05  Heat Aging Tester

RS-EB05 Heat Aging Tester

Applies to research institutes and factories for plastic materials (rubber, plastic), electrical ins..

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