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Furniture Testing Machine

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RS-F01  Formaldehyde Test Chamber
Formaldehyde  is widely used in industry to manufacture building materials and numerous hous..
RS-F02  Busting Strength
1.Product description: This instrument is the international universal Mullen-type apparatus, wi..
RS-F03  Simulate Transport Vibration Tester
Simulation products in transportation state of environmental assess product packaging design, the..
RS-F04  Drop Test Machine
    This drop test machine Simulate package in the transportation, loading and ..
RS-F05  Office Chair Rotating Durability Testing Machine
      Office chair with a rotating chair surface of the mach..
RS-F06  Office Chair Back Durability Tester
Office Chair Back Durability Tester is used for testing the strength  and durability of..
RS-F07  Office Chair Casters Tester
Seat load placed on the surface to grip the center of the cylinder tube sliding back and forth to..
RS-F08  Office Chair Seat Impact Testing Machine
The machine is used to test Seat surface at a certain weight, speed, and the required number of r..