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RS-001 Tensile Strength Tester

RS-001  Tensile Strength Tester
RS-001  Tensile Strength Tester
Product Code: RS-001


Tensile Strength testers are used to test tension, compression, shearing force, adhesion, peeling force, tear strength, etc of specimen, semi-finished and finished products in the field of rubber, plastic, metal, nylon, fabric, paper, aviation, packing, architecture, petrochemistry, electric appliance, automobile, etc, which are the basic facilities for Input Quality Control, physical Inspection, Mechanics Research and Material Development.
Capacity:50kg,100kg, 200kg,300kg,500kg(custom)
Degree of resolution:1/200000
Force Unit:Kgf,ibf,N
Test Tour:800mm
Test Speed:25-350mm/min (can be adjusted)
Stop Method:Fault automatic stop
Control Method:LCD interface of microcomputer controller
Transmission: Taiwan ball screw drive
Display mode: LCD liquid crystal display
Test items: real time value, maximum value, elongation, date of test.
Fixture: according to customer product. 
Configuration micro printer: Chinese print(Can be set up)
Gross Weight:100kg