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RS-T02 Perspirometer

RS-T02  Perspirometer
RS-T02  Perspirometer
Product Code: RS-T02

Determine the textile to water resistance and bears perspiration color fastness.
This instrument provides 1 stainless steel sample frame, may hold 20 10cm×4cm test specimens. Equipped with BS,ISO and the AATCC propylene nitrite separator inserter. Provides BS, ISO and the AATCC standard, presses the heavy item, request to use high accuracy drying oven.
a)perspiration:-AATCC 15, EN ISO 105 Part E04, DIN 54020
b)Sea water -AATCC 107,EN ISO 105 Part E02,DIN 54007
c)Branch water -AATCC 106,EN ISO 105 Part E01,DIN 54006
d)Separator Plates  21pcs
e)AATCC standard weight:3.63kg(8lb)
f)ISO standard weight:4.10kg(9lb)