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RS-T34  Shrinkage oven
After drying shrinkage test for all kinds of textiles through. Applicable Standards: GB/T862..
RS-T35  Rain Tester
To determine the penetration resistance of fabrics or composites at different intensities of wate..
RS-T36 Zipper Reciprocating Test Machine
Under this machine test zipper horizontal and vertical tension, can withstand the required number..
RS-T37 Taber Abrasion Performance Tester
This tester applied to do the test of wear-resistant in skin, leather, cloth, paint, paper, floor..
RS-T38 Asker-F Hard Meter
Standard: JIS K 7312 Measure range: 0degree~100 degree Minimum scale 1 degree (precision is o..
RS-T39A Fabric Sample Cutter(#400)
The width of the cutting knife:400mm Cutting Depth:15~60mm The Cutting Mode:Manual Desktop ..
RS-T39B Fabric Sample Cutter(ZO-50P)
 Item No.ZO-50P The width of the cutting knife:500mm Cutting Height(half width):45mm ..
RS-T40 Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester
Applicable Range: Used for testing the performance of the wearing resistance, abrasion, appeara..
RS-T41 Dimensional Stability to Dry Cleaning
Function: measure how appearance color and dimension change for textiles and Hot Melt Adhesive in..
RS-Y01  Yarn Twist Tester Machine
For the determination of all kinds of yarn twist and twist irregularity. Instrument features: ..
RS-Y02  Yarn Length Measuring Machine
For rocking the predetermined length of yarn, for the determination of the yarn linear density an..