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RS-T14  Rotawash Washing Fastness Tester
  Rotawash Washing Fastness Tester is used for determining colour fastness of textile ma..
RS-T15  Shrinkage Scale & Plate Printed
  Scope of application: used to determine various textile shrinkage test marking, printi..
RS-T16  Durawash Washing Machine
  The Durawash Washing machine simulates the conditions necessary to meet lead..
RS-T17  Needle Detector
  Work Principle  This machine c..
RS-T18  Spray Rating Tester
Fabric Spray Rating Tester  Determination of moisture resistance for a variety of fabric s..
RS-T19  AATCC Standard Dryer
AATCC Standard Dryer It is a shrinkage tester appointed by American AATCC Meets to AATCC sta..
RS-T20  AATCC Washing Machine
AATCC Washing machine It is a shrinkage tester appointed by American AATCC This machine th..
RS-T21  Multifunction Electronic Fabric Strength Tester
For a variety of woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics and other materials, fixed rate, fixed time, fi..
RS-T22  Colorimeter
Specifications     NH310 ..
RS-T23  Fabric  Pick Counter
For the determination of various fabrics warp or weft yarns within a certain length of root numbe..
RS-T24  ICI Mace Snag Tester
  Used to evaluate the knitted outerwear and other easy to hook wire hook silk fabrics exten..
RS-T25  Electronic Balance
◆ automatic correction ◆ Full transparent design ◆ adjustable integration time ◆ greater we..
RS-T26  Digital Fabric Tearing Tester
Determination of tear strength (Elmendof method ) used in a variety of woven fabrics , nonwoven f..
RS-T27  Automatic Shrinkage Tester
For all types of textiles after washing shrinkage and wool textile testing machine washed through..
RS-T28  Digital Fabric Thickness Tester
Used to determine the types of textiles, textile products and the thickness of the non-woven fabr..
RS-T29   Breathable Fabric Meter
For the determination of knitted, woven fabric, non-woven textile material in a variety of air pe..
RS-T30   Fabric Pilling Tester
Surface Fuzzing and Pilling Tester is applicable to assess fuzzing and pilling property for fabri..
RS-T31   Flexural Resistance Tester
  Flexural resistance tester can detect coated fabrics in 500 times per minute flexing u..
RS-T32   AATCC Rotary Crockmeter
AATC Rotary Crockmeter. To determine the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing particu..
RS-T33   Melting Point Meter
Melting Point Meter is used for determine the melting point of synthetic fiber,polyester chips, p..