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RS-P03  Long Nose Vise Grip
Parts of Button Pull Tester Mainly used for trouser hooks and other small accessories. ..
RS-P04  Push Pull  Scale
To determine whether the components of toys can be removed by tensile force. A Force gauge is use..
RS-P05  Upper Universal Clamp
Part of Button Pull Tester Test for female part of snap & male part of stud.  ..
RS-P06  Three Pronged Clamp
The part of Button Pull Tester Test for four-hole buttons & Jeans buttons. ..
RS-P07  Lower Grasp Button Accessory
Part of Button Pull Tester Convert the original lower fabric clamp for testing the grasp butt..
RS-P08  Multifunctional Vise Clamp
Multifunctional Vise Clamp for Pull Tester Fix the garment between the jaw faces and will use..
RS-P09  Upper Grasp Button Grip
Part of Button Pull Tester Designed to gripping the grasp buttons or larger buttons, e.g. Jea..
RS-P10  Calibration Weight 15 lbs
Calibration Weight 15 lbs RS-P10 Part of Button Pull Tester Routine checking the acuracy ..
RS-P11  Lower Fabric Clamp, Level Arm Locking
Fix the sample with buttons firmly, flatly & constantly so that fabric slippage can be minimi..
RS-S01  Bite Test Clamp
Simulates a child biting the accessible area of toys. The part of the toy being tested is placed ..
RS-S02  Pacifier Test Fixture
To determine whether the pacifiers for infants present choking or suffocating hazards. A pacifier..
RS-S03  Rattle Test Fixture
To determine whether rattles for infants of up to 18 months old present choking or suffocating ha..
RS-S04  Accessibility Probes
Accessibility Probes is used to determine whether any part or component of a toy can be cont..
RS-S05  Sharp Point Tester
  The Sharp Point Tester is used to examine a toy of position whether the existence enda..
RS-S06  Small Part Cylinder
To determine whether toys & other articles intended for use by children under 3 years old pre..
RS-S07  Mouth Toy Endure Tester
  Applications: To prevent mouth moving toys or children's mouthpiece has been mistakenl..
RS-S08   Test Fixture for Small Ball
  Small Ball Test Fixture is use to examine a toy up of whether small ball accessories m..
RS-S09  45 Degree Flammability Tester
  45 degree flammability tester used to check the flammable performance of the text..
RS-S10  Sharp Edge Tester
The Sharp Edge Tester is used to examine toys in normal use and after resonable abuse whether exi..
RS-S11  EN71 Impact Tester
EN71 Impact Tester Purpose : Reduce the material damage or the danger of imitation toys prote..